Olubode Shawn Brown was born in Jamaica where he spent the first formative years of his life until young adulthood. As a young man who knew that he was gay, he was completely surrounded by fixed religious and cultural ideas of what was right and what was wrong. Yet from boyhood, he has been in search of “unseen things.”

After graduating from law school he left Jamaica for the United States. A year after he arrived in New York City, the AIDS epidemic hit like a slowly exploding bomb and “many of the young men who had become my brothers began to die. The trauma of it all shook me to the core. All my worlds fell apart. America had become a nightmare.” This launched him on a journey to recapture faith and to find what really matters. He has since worked as an attorney, corporate consultant, artist-advisor and life coach in Los Angeles and New York City.

On this journey, with many teachers and guides, he has experienced a series of profound insights that have radically changed his life. He works now as an artist and facilitator devoted to celebrating the freedom of these insights and sharing his journey with others.

Olubode lives in New York City where he produces events, media and travel experiences that introduce his core philosophy to a global audience. He is the founder and facilitator of a global community called BLOOM.

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