NOVEMBER 28th -DECEMBER 4th 2018, BLOOM gathers a vibrant tribe of free-spirited people who come together to be authentic with each other, learn from each other’s wisdom and create rituals that celebrate our LOVE and our LIVES.

For this year’s celebration we will connect an extraordinary community of liberated, fun-loving visionaries who are driven by powerful ideas for the world – healers, story-tellers, facilitators, entrepreneurs, professionals, experts, artists, leaders, innovators, and more.

Now in its 8th year this festival features five nights and six days of amazing ritual parties, spell-binding artistry, thought provoking conversations, global beats, local tours and community engagements. There will be opportunities to meet in groups, and enjoy life-class-events about life-balance, meditation, sexual energy and spirituality. Imagine this while being surrounded by the most beautiful people from all over the globe!

For the past seven years this festival has opened the hearts and minds and refreshed the imagination of attendees of this year-end celebration. Come for the sun, sea and natural beauty of Jamaica and find yourself among your tribe as we take over Hedonism II the most erotic and inclusive resort in the Caribbean.

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