After 8 wonderful years in Jamaica our FREEDOM FESTIVAL will be in Curacao for its 9th year! Yes, our tribes will be gathering for the 9th time in 2019.

In the worldview of the west African Dagara tribe, in the years ending in the number 9, we find our true voice.

From October 9-14 we will be singing a new song!

We have moved up the dates of the festival to accommodate those who have had difficulty taking off so close to the end of the year. It’s now also taking place across the Columbus Day Holiday in USA.

We chose Curacao for a couple of reasons. First we are able to takeover Floris Suite Hotel, the host hotel, and have been invited to make it our own. Second, Curacao has built a culture of inclusivity for sexual minorities that is a beacon for the rest of the Caribbean. During our visit two months ago, this small island with just 160,000 inhabitants left us deeply inspired by its openness and fun-loving lifestyle.

Our 2019 Festival will be a REUNION, bringing together everyone who has attended for the past eight years, and those who have wanted to come but for whatever reason were not able to make it to Jamaica. I urge you to make it a reunion of your friends and family — the people your love, who allow you to just be!

We will be offering a wider palate of day & night parties, talk-backs, experiences, and wellness activities to inform, inspire and celebrate our lives. I invite you to share your ideas, passions and gifts as we create this together as a family!

For this year’s celebration we will connect an extraordinary community of liberated, fun-loving visionaries who are driven by powerful ideas for the world – healers, story-tellers, facilitators, entrepreneurs, professionals, experts, artists, leaders, innovators, and more.

Now in its 9th year this festival features five nights and six days of amazing ritual parties, spell-binding artistry, thought provoking conversations, global beats, local tours and community engagements. There will be opportunities to meet in groups, and enjoy life-class-events about life-balance, meditation, sexual energy and spirituality. Imagine this while being surrounded by the most beautiful people from all over the globe!

On January 1st, 2019 packages will go on sale. At this time we will offer the biggest incentives by way of discounts. So be on the look out for further emails.

With that said, what is the sound of your true voice? How much louder or quieter… more resonant, fiercer does it sound? This we will each have an opportunity to discover and when October comes around we will hear what we ALL sound like together!

We will be singing in unique harmony our own FREEDOM SONG!



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