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How to Find Your “Deep Work.”

By Olubode Shawn Brown

Ten years ago I took a break from everything. I took six months off to just rest and be well. After I felt well enough, I asked myself, what can I play at endlessly?  For me it was throwing parties. I love to entertain others. I decided to do that. From these choices the idea of BLOOM was born.

It has been my experience that through play our dreams are channeled.

Our passions are the things that we can play at endlessly!  The domain of play is where we get to explore and venture out! It’s where we connect multiple passions —the seemingly mundane ones, the wild ones, with the money making ones… to open a path to what I believe is our “deep work.”

If we don’t play our dreams get stuck and our gifts don’t get delivered.

In the current culture we don’t seem to have enough time to play. We do anything to be seen and heard and socially connected, but within our zones of safety. We want it all without having to take a risk!

Sometimes the risk is, having the experience of “wasting time.”

Here are the five steps, I recommend to finding your deep work.

  1. Take sometime away just for you to feel well. We may not all be able to take 6 months off, but a day-off to reflect may be just what your need. Make being well your first priority of everyday. Take time to experience a feeling of contentment.
  2. Next, play at something you love… and please don’t judge yourself for whatever you decide to play at. Really play at it. But be careful not to get stuck there. Play different games, perhaps with the same subject but always change how your play. It is through changing and playing that you open up your imagination. Playing is simply the ritual by which we expand our possibilities.
  3. Notice the insights that come as you play. Be on the look out for what playing at your passion provides for you? How fulfilling is it? How does it make your feel? When you are playing, notice what ideas are coming to mind… how different concepts, ideas and your past experiences are beginning to be connected.
  4. Next, ask yourself, what can I see now that people really want and need? What is the problem that the people around me, what to have solved?
  5. Finally, ask yourself, given my passion and play, what is the solution that I can provide for others?

As you go through each of the steps fill them all with gratitude and compassion for yourself and for others. The isights will come and shape your natural talents and ingenuity into your unique gift for the world!



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