THIS YEAR let life sing its song through you.

May it be a song that is heard by everyone, one that changes us all of the better, and causes us to see each other in new and beautifully ways; one that connects us and makes our communities strong and safe.

This is the power of  singing.

Without at song we cannot dance, without its story we cannot be inspired to hope, or begin to imagine new possibilities. Without it we cannot cannot celebrate or feel compassion for each other and our lives will remain divided.

Songs are needed. .

This year, 2019, in the worldview of the Dagara people of West Africa is a MINERAL year. It is symbolized by stones and bones, the things in nature that hold our memories, our stories, our songs. Each of us carries a unique one that must be heard to create the dance of life — the one that we all dance together.

Without your song we cannot do this.  Some have already started. This is your time to join the chorus and begin to SING OUT LOUD!

Singing will mean:

  • Being clear and vocal about what we both WANT and NEED.
  • Having ALL the fun and adventure we can hold!
  • Using the process of our work to fall more deeply in love with each other.
  • Supporting, and allowing ourself to be supported by others.
  • Enjoying and increasing the health we do have.

These are our songs!

Sometimes we can feel off-pitch, so lets keep close each other,  listen carefully, and fall into a harmony of our own making!

This is the year to sing our FREEDOM SONG!


Olubode Father @

The House of BLOOM

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