“It’s important that Black men show up for each other. However we cannot show up for each other if we continue to hide our pain from each other; if we continue show each other how much we can handle our own shit and be the “man” that perhaps our fathers weren’t, or the “man” that our mothers wanted them to be; if we continue to not trust the men in our lives and ask our women friends to be what they can’t. 

There is a crisis of depression and mental health among young men. We can see it clearly among Black men.

We believe there is a missing bond of brotherhood and fatherhood by blood and choice. It is these bonds that hold the cauldron of our shared pain from which transformation arises. Restoring these bonds is work to be done BETWEEN MEN.”


BETWEEN MEN | Mentoring is a five-week program designed to provide a space for shared growth and awareness. Its purpose is to emboldened men to lead and to learn together. Everyone engaged within the space brings their leadership, knowledge and questions to empower ourselves in ways that evolve a culture of love, and sets each individual free to deliver their unique gifts to the world.

For this first program older men as mentors, and younger men as mentees will be invited to create the outcomes together.

What are we asking of each other?

What are the expectations?

What are the individual and shared goals?

At the end of the five weeks all participants will get together to acknowledge ourselves, and look at what’s next.


MEMBERS ~ Men of any age

MENTEES are men between the ages of 18-25

MENTORS are men older than 40 years old.


Opening Session: Friday November 9th 7:00 -10:00PM

Closing Session: Friday December 14th. 7:00 -10:00PM


1.   Complete Program Application

2.    Agree to Program Guidelines & Rules

3.   Attendance at the opening and closing sessions of the program

4.   Agreement to dialogue with your partner each week, once in-person and once over the phone.


about what we are doing to create a family!