Journey Alone

For some people, starting out alone is the way to go. It is when you break from the pack and take time for yourself to reflect, to inspire yourself and take independent action. If you choose to journey alone, BLOOM – The Essential Journey contains 21 Guideposts that will help you mark the progress of your journey. It is recommended that you:

  • Set aside a time each morning to work through each guidepost.
  • Use a personal journal to record your insights at each guidepost.



Journey With A Small Group

Take the journey with people who know you best or who you want to know more. For example: your partner, family members, friends or a team that share similar goals. Such a group will support you by giving you instant feedback, laugh with you and you will challenge each other to be real and loving with yourselves. It is recommended that each week the group engages a guidepost(s) and each member shares their insights. Take time to listen to where each member is with their project – simply listen, and keep moving through to the next guidepost.

Make sure that:

  • Each member is working currently on a BIG project or has identified a passion that they have decided to pursue.
  • The group sets a regular time to meet or to communicate. This could be at someone’s home, a coffee-shop, online or in a social media group.
  • The group has a maximum of 5 persons.

Such groups are called PODS. Once your group of five is formed a Facilitator will be available for a 20 minute Q&A with the group. When the group completes Guidepost No. 21, a 45 minute Google Chat with Olubode completes your journey!

Facilitated Personal Journeys

One Session

During this 60 minutes, a Facilitator works with you to:

  • Ensure that you have fully completed each of the 21 steps of the Journey.
  • Support you through places where you may be stuck.
  • Answer any questions that may have come up during your journey.

Three Month Sessions

One-on-one facilitation is offered for 3-month periods or over the life of a project. It is available to persons who have completed a one-on-one consultation with a Facilitator. The needs and outcomes are determined at the outset of the journey.

Facilitated Group Journeys

Group Facilitation

Group facilitation is available for groups of 5 or more.

When The Essential Journey is taken with a working group or with a partner it will help you to:

  • Discover the unique gift each person carries for the team.
  • Face the challenge each person presents to others.
  • Discover a shared vision, mission and goals.

Take this journey when a group has a limited amount of time to get to know each other well and insight into each member’s gifts, vision and challenges are crucial in helping them to be together more productively. It is best to journey in a group when people are having difficulty talking about themselves, their challenges and their issues with others.

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