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The world needs all of our gifts, ideas, and unique self-expression to energize our organizations, families, and communities. Indeed, we have seen awesome gifts unfold, but consider that some of the greatest life altering ideas were stillborn and are now waiting to be resurrected. These ideas died because the individuals through whom they came buried them out of fear; because the people brought together to realize them did not get along; because someone insisted on having it their way. Oftentimes we think that the goal is only the destination and not also a path that will personally transform everyone involved and thereby change our world.

To manifest these ideas, individuals, communities, organizations, teams, and families must take a courageous journey into themselves to discover more of who and what they really are, why life brought them together, and the gifts they have for each other. This book provides such an opportunity.

Together we have the resources and the talents to enjoy as much prosperity as we can imagine, but first we must decide to walk together. We must help each other to find our unique and essential selves and desires, unmasked from our individual and collective survival strategies; to see clearly the magnetic power of a shared vision; to receive our warriors—the difficult people in our circles—as gifts; and to re-learn how to take care of ourselves individually and collectively in our circles of engagement.

This is the essential journey of living. Being challenged in delivering our gifts is simply an opportunity to journey even deeper into expanded self-awareness, to find new and hidden centers of power and balance from within and without. The purpose of this book is to share new ideas to help us to do just that—to find new centers of balance from within and connect them powerfully to what we do and can accomplish in our human lives.

Excerpt from “BLOOM – The Essential Journey” by Olubode Shawn Brown

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