… to inform, inspire & celebrate


BLOOM believes that everyone regardless of ethnicity, gender, religion or sexual orientation should belong to a Tribe of Love & Celebration. We created a community aimed at connecting and awakening the heart, mind and spirit of all humankind.

We are a global movement of people who are creating alternative social structures that allow for unique self-expression, personal growth, visibility, connection and belonging.

Our purpose is facilitate safe spaces for individuals and communities to explore their spiritual, leisure, work, relationship and communal life areas in ways that inspire, inform and celebrate our humanity.

BLOOM first started as New York City party in 2008. BLOOM has since evolved as a brand that serves the diverse needs of people who we have come to call BLOOMERS.
We are a celebration of well-being, fun, adventure, creativity, inclusiveness and community.

Who are BLOOMers?

BLOOMers are courageous people who are who are seeking to deliver our gifts while growing in authenticity, and often with no clear path before us.

Leveraging our talents, skills and resources, we are challenging the established ways we identify ourselves, do business, create art, build communities, organize politically, love, parent and spend our time while to creating new ways of living in the world.

BLOOMers areā€¦

Creative or Social Entrepreneurs..

People who are juggling jobs as we create our own enterprise..

Professionals who are doing what we love, but are seeking to be more productive while bringing greater balance to the way we live and work..

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