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As you know, working with others is often not easy. You may have noticed that when a team forms there is excitement and inspiration, but as things begin to get more concentrated relationships begin to fall apart. 

  • Some people want to give direction but are not willing to do the detailed work; 
  • Others will distract, the team by asking that “what if” questions and find it difficult to focus and commit to a single goal. 
  • Others will become tunneled vision and hyper-focused on the result without considering the feelings and concerns of others;
  • Other will be want control things so that everyone to get along and is on the same page; and that won’t always be possible.
  • Other folks will stand above it all, refusing to jump in, but waiting to get the bottom line so as not to be caught up the chaos of things.


  • Sometimes we have no choice but to press along and protect ourselves as the emotional wounds take their toll on the individual and the organization.
  • Sometimes project is shelved and the team is given time to regroup and come again!
  • Sometimes a project dies never to be resurrected again

What’s at stake are projects and gifts that are urgently needed now with the organization. And, indeed no one accomplishes anything that is truly lasting alone.


In this presentation Olubode Shawn Brown author of BLOOM The Essential Journey - A New Guide to Balance, Growth & Well Being, will share a simple personality typing system that uses the 5 element of nature to unmask 5 distinct personality types. It is a wonderful new tool to help us to better understand ourselves and how we can live and work more productively together. It is simple and direct. Attendees will be able to apply it to their lives and work during this presentation.



Have an understanding of the 5 distinct elemental personal type that they each represent


Learn the gift that each brings to the team and working environment


Be aware of the challenge that each type presents for each individual and the team


Better understanding the real source of each others’ “difficult behaviors”


Dear Business Leader:

My name is Olubode Shawn Brown. I would love speak with your staff to help them answer a question we have all had: “How Do We Work with Difficult People?” It is an important question because at stake are projects that are vital not only to your organization’s productivity but also to the well-being of your staff. 

For over 20 years I have been an organizational development consultant, and an executive coach in Los Angeles and New York City. For the past 10 years I have been the facilitator of a global community called BLOOM. 

At BLOOM we use the five elements of nature as metaphors to help us keep ourselves well and growing together, while delivering our unique gifts to the planet. I have written a book about our journey and the insights we have had along the way. 

In BLOOM The Essential Journey ~ A New Guide to Balance Growth & Well Being, I use these elements as metaphors to unmask 5 new personality archetypes -- the gifts they bring and their emotional triggers. It is a wonderful new tool to help us to better understand ourselves and how we can live and work together more productively. It is simple system. Your team will be able to apply it immediately in meaningful ways to their lives and work.

In 90 minutes I will provide an insightful and fun learning experience for your team. For bookings confirmed in the month of November, the cost for this workshop will be just $25 for each participant. (Minimum attendance is 10 persons) Each attendee will also receive a copy of BLOOM The Essential Journey ~ A New Guide to Balance Growth & Well Being. This book will make an excellent holiday gift for you staff.

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I look forward to helping you and your team become more productive and well.


Olubode Shawn Brown

Olubode Shawn Brown was born in Jamaica, West Indies where he spent the formative years of his life until young adulthood. After graduating from law school, he left Jamaica for the United States and has since worked as an attorney, corporate consultant, artist-advisor, and an executive coach in Los Angeles and New York City. 

On this journey with many teachers and guides, he has experienced a series of profound insights that have radically changed his life. He works now as facilitator devoted to celebrating the freedom of these insights and sharing his journey with others. His work reflects the timeless wisdom of the Dagara people of West Africa and the Vedic seers of India. He fuses this wisdom with the distinctions of transformation, emotional intelligence, and the teachings of the great metaphysicians of our time. His simple distillation of these truths uses the elements of mineral, nature, fire, water, and earth as metaphors to help reveal an exciting new paradigm of life balance, to help us each understand our unique inner pathways to personal growth, and to help us realize the possibility and urgency of delivering our life’s gifts. 

Olubode lives in New York City where he produces events, media, and travel experiences that introduce his core philosophy to a global audience. He is the founder and facilitator of a global community called BLOOM.


" Olubode's words activate that which already resides in each of of us. His work is an answer to a collective sacred prayer. It holds the gifts that we need right now."

– Kinshasa Carvalho


BLOOM The Essential Journey is a guidebook for BLOOMERS - a movement of people who are seeking to live more authentic lives as we deliver our gifts to the planet. At stake, are our health, well-being and gifts that are urgently needed now. With insightful stories and exercises developed over 20 years of life-coaching, BLOOM offers a new life-balancing paradigm rooted in the 5 Elements of nature to help keep us balanced as we seek to do the seemingly impossible.

This book is presented as stories and insights from the author's journey, as well as, his journey as a life-coach with his clients who are personified here as Madra. Along the way are 21 Guideposts. At each, there are meaningful, insight inducing exercises to engage with as you deliver your gift.