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With Sharon Campbell


Two years ago BLOOM’s “Fiyah Woman” Sharon Campbell wanted to take five BLOOMER’s to the village where she was born to show them how she grew up. We Jamaicans are like that, we are always wanting to show our friends the nuances of our country — the places that shape us, that still inspire us and give reason to these north American & European city dwellers we have become. This is our way of connecting, allowing ourselves to be witnessed and to make sense of it all.

So for Sharon taking us to the parish of Hanover and the small village where she was born was inevitable. What started out as side-trip for five friends, has become an annual pilgrimage for over 30 BLOOMERS. This year will be our third trip to her village. It gives us a change to get off the resort, feel the rhythm of how we live, and see into the heart of who we are.

Together, we have hiked the hilly terrain where she wander deep into the evening as a child, stopping at fences to greet neighbors, walking on top of the graves of her ancestors, eating food prepared by her family members who are still on the land. We now know the keepers of the Rastafarian shrine — Mother Earth and her partner. We have sat and listened to their drumming and chanting –the ways they too are making sense of it all. We have listened to the bee-farmer’s story, allowed the youth to guide us… In this curious way we have built a relationship with this community, we know who died, we can see the change, the children growing…

This year, we look forward to returning. For them it is an opportunity to engage in show and tell, and earn some money for what they do so well –be themselves.

These days they call this kind of adventure eco-tourism.

For us its just human beings — connecting.


This year we will bring in new elements to this tour and provide another unique opportunity to meet the people at the heart of Jamaica! Be sure to book this tour through our store after you register.


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