BLOOM is a lifestyle brand celebrating well-being, fun, adventure, creativity, inclusiveness and community. It is the ever-evolving global movement, aimed at connecting and awakening the heart, mind and spirit of all mankind. BLOOM is a celebration of everyone regardless of race, gender religion or sexual orientation. It is a Tribe of Love & Celebration.


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BLOOM curates the most impressive and anticipated parties, art & performance events and travel experiences in New York City, Jamaica and throughout the Caribbean, since 2008.

Everything we do is designed with one thing in mind: to celebrate the diverse, spiritually awake, inclusive, creatively expressive and communally engaged members of the human race. So, we market events, media and spaces that inform, inspire and celebrate!


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 BLOOM ESCAPES is the destination & travel management component of BLOOM founded to reflect our ideals about what makes a fantastic and memorable journey.
Make travel less ordinary as we inform, inspire and celebrate travelers in ways that allow an intimate connection, with the geography, the people and the living culture of each destination.


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BLOOM is a metaphor for well-being. BLOOMERS simply do so by keeping open the channel within, through which Life ungrudgingly and uniquely projects itself as our desires, ideas, words, feelings and actions.
The root of the BLOOM brand and community is planted in the broader field of The Essential Journey’s philosophy of wellness.


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